A reminder for those, who recognise IT Service as a services-only firm; Its scope of activities includes sales of a second-hand computer hardware. For more information, please visit this page. Happy shopping!


Recently some of you might have had problems with contacting us via e-mail. We tried to fix the issue, together with the e-mail provider and no more problems shall occur. If you tried to contact us, but haven't received any reply, please contact us again.


It might turn out that a printer lease is more cost effective than buying your own printer and replacing its cartridges! Due to that fact IT Service recommends all the customers dumping their printers (bigger and smaller) and move to lease. Also, IT Service provides any consulting needed for choosing the right equipment and helps negotiate an advantageous contract.


Although the typical winds of change blow around New Year's Eve, IT Service refreshes its appearance now, by changing the website and the Facebook™ profile. The changes announced earlier are not limited only to the IT Service's image, but also consist of introducing new activity - web application development based on Java™. We hope that our current customers will find that new service useful. Last, but not least - this page has also been made available in English.